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Everything You Need to Know

Do I need a Realtor?

Yes. The truth is you can search and find information on almost any property in the area however only a licensed real estate agent has access to the most up-to-date information on listings through our tools and organizations we are members of.  Often the websites that show listings or available homes are not up to date like the MLS. Don't waste your time on these websites only to find out the home is no longer available.

How will you find buyers for my property? 

While some individuals attempt the "for sale by owner" route, the fact is, that can be stressful and less successful than using a realtor. Our brokerage uses professional photography, customizes your listing, markets your home, and vets prospective buyers taking the stress off of the seller. 

How much do I pay an agent to purchase a home? 

I am here to assist you in the home buying process, it doesn't cost a home shopper very much to utilize the experience and expertise of an agent. Conversely, if you're listing your home with us we do not see any payment until your home is completely SOLD! 

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